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AJAX Reviews 1.1.1 + Free Rich Snippets Extension

By Anastasia Pletneva November 11, 2014 2813 Views No comments

Hi there,

Three weeks have passed since the AJAX Reviews release, and today we're glad to present AJAX Review 1.1.1. We added new features to this version, many of which had been proposed by our customers.

AJAX Reviews for Magento

Mails after purchase for existing orders

You will be able to send mails to customers who had purchased from you before extension installation. You just need to define a period since purchase, and the module will send mails automatically.

Mails for Existing Orders

Add rating to rich snippets

If you have a rich snippets markup, AJAX Reviews can display product rating in Google search results. Good rating can nudge a person to click your link.

Rich snippets in Google search results

To make markup creation simpler to you, we’ve developed a free Rich Snippets extension. This module creates markup automatically which is very convenient. Due to it, a customer will see product name, price, stock status, currency, description, ID in Google search results. Besides, it will display product rating if you install AJAX Reviews on your store.

Ability to send a test mail after purchase to any email

Before sending mails after purchase to customers, you can send a test copy to your email to check how it looks.

Test Copy

You can write a review and submit it. It won’t be added to a product since this is just a test copy.

Test Review

Ability to send emails for one item from different orders

If a customer purchased one product several times, you can send him/her only one mail after purchase for this item. Due to this feature, a customer will not be irritated by numerous mails asking to leave a review of the same product.

Rating as stars or hearts

Rating can be displayed as hearts or stars. Select the variant that suits your store best.

A full feature list you can see on the AJAX Reviews page in the Changelog tab. If you’re not sure of how to configure the extension, read the AJAX Reviews User Guide.

Best wishes,
Anastasia Pletneva