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August 2011

Built in Magento block hightlighter

By Igor Goltsov August 22, 2011 2010 Views No comments

In this article, we discuss Magento, an open source e-commerce system. This framework is characterised by its functionality as well as by its difficulty. Everyone who ever tried to design programs for this framework is well aware that such programming is uneasy task that is, in fact, impossible to perform on the first try. It will take a week or two to create your first module, to design your first theme, or to fix something that needs to be fixed properly and in the right place. I would like to share a secret with you, a secret of completing all these tasks promptly and fair while using built-in procedures only.

There are three new products in August, 2011

By Igor Goltsov August 15, 2011 2439 Views No comments

This week our team published three new products. Now experienced developers can not to spend time on the long and hard connection to the shop's file system through ftp or sftp. Extension for Magento called File System from our team lets to make changes in a handy text editor with a syntax highlighting. We are distributing this product absolutely for free. This is our gift to all developers who write systems for the e-commerce with an open source Magento. This work is very hard and we like nobody else know it. Let our tools please your eye and save you time.

We hope that our wonderful extensions for payments through LiqPay and Wallet One payment gateways will increase the quantity and quality of your sales.

The Cockoo's Eggs for the helper and singleton

By Igor Goltsov August 8, 2011 5153 Views No comments

There have been a lot of talks about rewrites of some of the standard classes with own as well as about the conflicts of different products that are connected with the issue. We would like to share some experience on the point of redefinition of helpers and singletons.

Upload of the archive with Magento distributive straight to the server

By Igor Goltsov August 7, 2011 2308 Views No comments

Sometimes there is necessity to upload an archive with Magento distributive to the remote server which you usually access by SSH

The Recent Reviews 1.0 has been released!

By Igor Goltsov August 4, 2011 1957 Views No comments

We want to introduce you the Recent Reviews. It displays the latest reviews that were added by your customers. Information is displayed on the Home page, on the category page and on the product page. It's main goal is to show actual and important information. When you installed  and slightly tweaked the product a nice it's block will be displayed on the pages of your store with the number of the latest reviews you pointed out by a setup.

Welcome! We opened!

By General Contact August 3, 2011 1707 Views No comments

Team of MagPleasure Co. is glad to greet you on our site.

We develop and produce extensions for a popular open-source eCommerce platform - Magento. Open-source doesn’t mean an absence of reliability. Over the years Magento exists it established itself as a flexible, reliable and stable tool for a business. An evidence of that is a significant activity of a community and a degree of its growth.

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