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March 2012

AJAX Bookmarks 1.0.1 has been released

By Igor Goltsov March 29, 2012 2160 Views No comments
Today we updated our AJAX Bookmarks Magento extension to version 1.0.1. The changelog is the following:

+ Ability to specify sidebar items limit
* Sidebar items limit is applied to Bookmarks List page

With the AJAX Bookmarks Magento extension, your website visitors can bookmark products they like and avoid annoying redirecting and page reloading.

Find more about AJAX Bookmarks at this Magento module page.

+ Feature
* Bugfix

Blog Pro 1.0.1 has been released

By Igor Goltsov March 29, 2012 2500 Views No comments
Today the 1.0.1 version of the Blog Pro Magento extension has been released with the following changelog:

* Impossibility to pass W3C Markup Validation

Blog Pro is a new extra-powerful SEO-friendly Magento extension which is developed so that you can easily present the information to your Magento website visitors as well as change the opinions with them.

Get more information about Blog Pro at this Magento extension page.

+ Feature
* Bugfix

3 spring presents from MagPleasure

By Igor Goltsov March 22, 2012 2448 Views 1 comment

Spring is the time the nature gets renewed. It is an awesome cause to renew our Magento extensions store design as well!

Our team tried hard to make our website look new and fresh. That’s why we are very excited to exhibit it before the public. We hope you’ll like it!

But new design is not the only present we’ve prepared for you this wonderful spring!

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FREE Pinterest Integration Magento extension has been released

By Igor Goltsov March 14, 2012 5013 Views No comments

Being in trend is a key to success. If only you lag behind life, consider you lost. It is especially important in online business when new social websites become popular very rapidly.

Pinterest is a pinboard-styled social sharing website which allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections. In January 2012, comScore reported the site had 11.7 million unique users, making it the fastest site in history to break through the 10 million unique visitor mark!

MagPleasure team offers you our FREE Pinterest Integration Magento extension. Now you can easily integrate the “Pin It” button on each product page of your Magento store. Let your customers “pin” your products to their boards and get more potential customers!

How to get free advertising in Facebook

By Igor Goltsov March 12, 2012 2522 Views No comments
Discount is one of the ways of new clients getting. People like low prices and sometimes it is the only method to make them buy exactly in your store. But unfortunately such politics is not always good. Getting used to X% off, your customers will leave to your competitor if you decide to stop these discounts.
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Wallet One 1.0.2 has been released

By Igor Goltsov March 10, 2012 3361 Views No comments

Today the Wallet One Magento extension v.1.0.2 was released with the following changelog:

* Wrong list of available currencies

Find complete extension description on the Wallet One page.

FREE Guest Book Magento extension is available for downloading

By Igor Goltsov March 1, 2012 4811 Views No comments
Sometimes, people are so admired by a store or service provided that they want to tell everyone about their experience. Or probably, they have an idea how your Magento store can be improved. So let all these people talk – allow them to leave a comment in your Guest Book.

Guest Book is the one of the simplest ways to boost traffic, deliver key customer information and foster s sense of community. The Guest Book Magento module can help you keep in touch with your visitors as they leave valuable feedback.

The Guest Book Magento extension helps you improve your website and encourage your store visitors to come again.