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July 2012

Obvious Currency Switching for Magento

By Igor Goltsov July 27, 2012 3773 Views No comments

Today, our team is pleased to present to you our new highly recommended extension - Currency Switcher. This module displays a convenient currency switcher next to the price on the product pages. This gives your online store a slight competitive advantage. The product price becomes clear to many of your international customers.

How to Install Magento Extension

By Igor Goltsov July 24, 2012 3086 Views No comments

Before we get into the details, I would like to point out that if you are not confident performing the installation yourself, you should let the team of Magento professionals do it. People who developed the extension would be the best choice and they usually offer this service for a small fee.

But if you decided to get your hands dirty and do it yourself, we recommend following these instructions:

Stop wasting time when selecting items in Magento

By Igor Goltsov July 6, 2012 2712 Views No comments

MagPleasure is glad to announce the release of Smart Selector, a new extra-powerful Magento extension. This product is designed to quickly select large sets of orders, customers or products in Magento admin area. Just copy the list of Order #, Customer Emails or SKU from Excel or other source and paste them into a special field. Required items will be highlighted in the blink of an eye.

Smart Selector Window

Today a new version of Tier Prices 1.0.3 has been released

By Igor Goltsov July 3, 2012 3605 Views No comments

Today a new version of Tier Prices 1.0.3 has been released. This version doesn’t just include bug fixes but also a much desired feature.

This new feature introduces tier prices for products with options.

Previously, if exact same product was added to the shopping cart with different options more than once, Tier Price would not apply to these items. But now, you have an option in Magpleasure Tier Price configuration to enable Tier price rules even to products with options.  Once this option is selected, the same product with different options will be calculated as a single product and Tier Price will be applied accordingly.