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May 2013

Can’t Select Shipping Method with PayPal Express Checkout in Magento

By Igor Goltsov May 23, 2013 10592 Views 4 comments

When operating a Magento store you might possibly come across the following problem. A customer selects PayPal Express payment method and proceeds to placing an order. After clicking “Place Order” they are redirected to PayPal to login and when they return to PayPal Order Review page on your store to finalize the order, the store does not let them proceed and keeps asking to re-enter the Shipping Method, although it has already been selected before. This can be very frustrating for a customer and can results in many lost orders.

Here is how we solve this problem:

Open the file:


find the following line in method updateShippingMethod(),

$shippingAddress->setShippingMethod ($methodCode) ->setCollectShippingRates(true);

And replace it with

$shippingAddress->setShippingMethod ($methodCode)->setCollectShippingRates (true) ->save();

With this little change the problem should disappear.

Warning: Do not forget to backup your files before any experiments.

Have a good day.

Boost your Frontend with new Magento extension

By Igor Goltsov May 13, 2013 3276 Views No comments

Today we are excited to present you with our new module. This is a unique fronted accelerator solution for your Magento store. JS/CSS Compressor will significantly reduce bandwidth usage for high traffic stores as well as increase the loading speed of pages.


An example order for Mass Shipping