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August 2013

End of Summer Sale: 20% Discount on all Products for a Limited Time!

By Igor Goltsov August 28, 2013 5502 Views 1 comment

Shop our best selling products with End of Summer Sale. We slashed prices across the product range offering 20% discount. Now is the time to purchase those extensions that you've always wanted to enhance your online store. Limited time offer, so be quick.

End of Summer Sales


How To Translate Frontend Labels on Magento

By Igor Goltsov August 23, 2013 3377 Views No comments

This short video describe the topic how to translate frontend labels for Blog Pro and other fronend captions on Magento.

We have released a new version of Blog Pro 1.2.1

By Igor Goltsov August 19, 2013 2211 Views No comments

Last week we have released a new version of Blog Pro 1.2.1. After it was out for a week, some minor issues were identified. So we decided to release this critical fix.

AJAX Bookmarks Update 1.0.3

By Igor Goltsov August 7, 2013 2668 Views No comments

The new version of AJAX Bookmarks has been released. In this update we have fixed problems with full page caching as well some minor issues for Magento community version.  We also added long-lasting cookies.

As usual, you can download the new version here or purchase it through this page.

Recall that the AJAX Bookmarks module allows visitors to bookmark items in your store with asterisks in order to get back to them later and potentially purchase them. The main advantage of this module is that visitors to your store can conveniently favorite items without registering in your store. They can easily mark them and later access them without worrying of losing them. And after registration their favorites/bookmarks will be stored to the database.

The new version includes the ability to store a cookie for very long time, so your store can remember visitor’s favorites in a day, two or even a week.

AJAX Bookmarks does not override the standard Wishlist of Magento and operates completely independently.

Make adding to favorites/bookmarks for your customers easier with an updated version of AJAX Bookmarks.

Have a good day!

Blog Pro Upgrade Guide from 1.1 to 1.2 version

By Igor Goltsov August 6, 2013 2573 Views 1 comment

We have tried to do everything possible for the upgrade to the new version to be painless. However, we decided to put together a small upgrade guide.

Highly Anticipated Blog Pro Update

By Igor Goltsov August 2, 2013 3004 Views No comments

Today we have some exciting news for all our friends and loyal customers. Just in time for Magpleasure 2 year Anniversary we are pleased to present to you - Blog Pro 1.2

We know that you've been waiting for this update a long time. We have done everything possible to meet your expectations. Whether we have met them it is for you to decide. Here is a brief overview of what we managed to include into Blog Pro 1.2.