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January 2015

AJAX Reviews Update: 1.1.3 Version with Bug Fixes

By January 30, 2015 1361 Views No comments

Despite preparing big updates of some of our extensions, we don't forget about improving and fixing bugs in other modules. This time we've fixed known issues with AJAX Reviews.

Magento Share Me 2.0 is Released!

By January 28, 2015 2390 Views No comments

Yes, we finally did it! The work on Share Me 2.0, the Magento extension for promoting on Facebook, is finally finished. Now you can check out the ultimate result. Many new options, customer email notifications, stylish frontend interface – this is not all the list of features that have been added to the updated extension.

In the new version, the module checks customer activity automatically. It means that you or your admins don't need to view customers' profiles manually to make sure that they shared a product. The extension does it itself, and gives a discount immediately.

Two Our Modules are among Best Magento Extensions for Stores according to!

By January 26, 2015 976 Views

Hello Dear Customers,

The website has added two of our extensions – SEO Pagination and Share Me – to their list of the best solutions for Magento stores. The article is devoted to the advantages of the Magento platform, and to the extensions that can be useful to merchants.

SEO Pagination allows optimizing your store for Google and other search engines. SEO-friendly URLs, Google tags, and better page indexing will help you get higher in search results.

How to Create a Facebook App for Share Me 2.0

By January 23, 2015 2961 Views No comments

Hello there,

The work on the Share Me 2.0 Magento extension comes to an end. This module is designed to help you promote your store on Facebook by sharing products. To make it work, you should have a Facebook application that will connect your store and the social network. If you used Share Me before, you can just add our images to your app. The link to the file you'll find in the text.

If you don't have a Facebook app, the instruction below will help you to create it. The app doesn't need Facebook approval.

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How We Worked on the Share Me Update

By Anastasia Pletneva January 12, 2015 1294 Views No comments

Hello to everyone,

As you know, our team is getting ready for releasing the Share Me extension. At the very beginning of the work, the main task was optimizing and making the process of giving discounts for performing actions on Facebook simpler. Plus, we wanted to make the extension compatible with the Magento Enterprise edition, and make the frontend interface more modern and cooler.

We are back! The Support Team is Available again.

By Anastasia Pletneva January 5, 2015 1214 Views No comments

Hi there,

The holidays are behind, and the MagPleasure team is ready to start acting with renewed energy. First of all, our support team has begun working in the customary regime. We'll try to answer your questions as soon as possible.