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Some Bug Fixes in Magento Tier Prices 1.2.2

By February 27, 2015 1501 Views 2 comments

Hello Dear Customers,

The other day our Tier Prices extension for Magento has been updated. First of all, we fixed the issue concerning module package which has been downloaded for the last few weeks. It was impossible to set a tier for a product.

New Responsive Email Template in AJAX Reviews 1.2

By February 24, 2015 1965 Views No comments

Hi there,

Today we have released a new version of the AJAX Reviews Magento extension. The main change concerned the template of the post purchase email. This email is sent to a customer and earlier contained a feedback form and rate stars. If a person wanted to leave a review on the purchased product, he/she could do it right in the email.

After a few months of using post purchase emails by our customers, we found out that such a template is a bit ahead of possibilities of most existing email services. At present, only Gmail can display an embedded feedback form.

Two Hotfixes for Share Me and Shipping Estimator

By February 18, 2015 1041 Views No comments

Hello Dear Customers,

The other day we've released updates for Share Me and Shipping Estimator Magento extensions. There was only one bug fix for each module but they were quite important.

AJAX Reviews Update: 1.1.3 Version with Bug Fixes

By January 30, 2015 1335 Views No comments

Despite preparing big updates of some of our extensions, we don't forget about improving and fixing bugs in other modules. This time we've fixed known issues with AJAX Reviews.

Magento Share Me 2.0 is Released!

By January 28, 2015 2351 Views No comments

Yes, we finally did it! The work on Share Me 2.0, the Magento extension for promoting on Facebook, is finally finished. Now you can check out the ultimate result. Many new options, customer email notifications, stylish frontend interface – this is not all the list of features that have been added to the updated extension.

In the new version, the module checks customer activity automatically. It means that you or your admins don't need to view customers' profiles manually to make sure that they shared a product. The extension does it itself, and gives a discount immediately.

AJAX Reviews v1.1.2 is Available!

By Anastasia Pletneva November 17, 2014 1503 Views No comments

Hello Dear Customers,

We continue working on AJAX Reviews extension improving. In version 1.1.2, we‘ve fixed a bug. Because of it, the AJAX form didn’t appear if the reviews block had been inserted into the standard place, i.e. into the “Reviews” tab.

Shipping Estimator 1.0.2 is Released!

By Anastasia Pletneva November 13, 2014 1572 Views No comments

Hi to everyone,

A new version of the Shipping Estimator Magento extension has been released today. We have fixed two important bugs for more correct module work.