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Change Orders Owners easily with Updated Assign Order to Customer

By Igor Goltsov November 6, 2013 2234 Views No comments

Before a visitor becomes your standing customer, he/she can create one or even several orders without registering – just get a product as a guest and leave your site.

The Assign Order to Customer tool allows you to get guests orders under control - connect them with the already registered customers of your store. In such a way, both you and a client can view what purchases have been made earlier when a customer was in a status of a guest.

Today we release the Assign Order to Customer v.1.1 module with the following new features:

+ Reassign order from any customer to another one. This option allows you to change the owner of an order with ease. Just navigate to the necessary customer order and click the Assign to Other Customer button.

+ Assign multiple orders to customer using mass action. Now you shouldn't assign several orders to a customer separately. Just tick off the required orders and assign them to the client.

+ Rollback assignment to any history point. The module allows you to put right the wrongs while reassigning order. You can recover the correct owner no matter how many changes you have already made. 

+ Remember selection for “Notify Customer” and “Overwrite Customer Name” options. The extension shows your previous selection for these options. In such a way, you shouldn't tick off the boxes all the time you change the assigner. 

By the way, the following bugs have been fixed:

* Fatal error with enabled compilation
* "Is Guest" mark wasn’t removed from order
* Long email address wasn't visible completely on the confirmation form
* Customer Group for Order was changed when order was reassigned

Play the demo and view the complete list of features on the Assign Order to Customer page.