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Free Magento Rich Snippets v1.2 is Released!

Free Magento Rich Snippets v1.2 is Released!
By July 6, 2015 1694 Views No comments

Hello there,

Today the next version of the free Rich Snippets Magento extension has been released. In this update, we added breadcrumbs and markup for aggregating a customer's product review and rating.

The breadcrumbs markup will allow your customers to see the page’s position in the site hierarchy. Due to it, they will be able to click another breadcrumb to go to the corresponding page.

For example, if you click the “blog” breadcrumb, you’ll appear on our blog main page.


Breadcrumbs will soon become a necessary part of every site. Google is going to take them into account when indexing store pages.

At the time of writing, Google still didn't support the breadcrumbs markup based on If you want to enable breadcrumbs right now, you can select the Based on option. When is supported by Google, we recommend you to switch to it.

The second added feature is markup for aggregating a customer's product review and rating. For example, if a customer searches for “iPhone 6 review”, he/she will be able to see a customer’s review of this product and his/her rating. It will become an additional encourage for a person to click your link.

Aggregated customer's product review and rating

Now Rich Snippets has become even more helpful to Magento stores, and we hope you'll like it!

Best regards,
Anastasia Pletneva

#News, #Rich Snippets Posted in: News