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Great news for large Magento store owners

By Igor Goltsov April 3, 2013 3387 Views No comments

Great news for large Magento store owners! We've completed the next version of our brilliant Mass Shipping extension. In this version, we have fixed some known bugs and significantly redesigned the core of the product for performance improvements. In addition, we've added the ability to group products in the shipments, assign a Tracking Code to each parcel, and set its Carrier Type.


The order status will now update correctly. Once you've started to ship items for a paid order, its status will change to 'Processing,' and then to 'Complete,' when the last item is delivered from that order. An email alert is only sent once for each shipment.

Important Update: The Mass Shipping extension is now available to Magento Enterprise users. You can also place an order for installation through our online store.

Just to help you remember, Mass Shipping performs automatic processing of large sets of orders. The module accepts input data from CSV or XML files, or by copying and pasting it from a spreadsheet where you pre-entered orders that need to be shipped. With this module, you can process hundreds or thousands of orders within a relatively short time.

For those who are not yet familiar with Mass Shipping, a short manual is included here.

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