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Highly Anticipated Blog Pro Update

By Igor Goltsov August 2, 2013 3007 Views No comments

Today we have some exciting news for all our friends and loyal customers. Just in time for Magpleasure 2 year Anniversary we are pleased to present to you - Blog Pro 1.2

We know that you've been waiting for this update a long time. We have done everything possible to meet your expectations. Whether we have met them it is for you to decide. Here is a brief overview of what we managed to include into Blog Pro 1.2.

Significantly updated interface with beautiful icons and a number of color schemes to choose from.

Ability to change the color of icons directly through the blog settings to match the style of your website.


Search articles

A quick search function through articles will help your customers quickly find what they are looking for.


Latest Google tags support

We have added the ability to use the rel="author" tag to help identify your authors on the site and across the web.



Significant performance increase through content caching

We have introduced a new type of cache, simply activate it and all of our products will run faster. If you need to reset the blog cache, it can be updated without affecting other sections of the site.

More RSS

We have added RSS for categories. Now your customers will be able to track your news for particular categories. For example, only discounts, or only articles about new products. More flexibility means happy readers.


On top of all this we have fixed tons of errors and issues. You can find a complete list of changes at the end of the article.

And to celebrate our 2-year anniversary we are also offering a 15 % discount across all of our products. Use HAPPYBIRTHDAY coupon code in your Shopping Cart to take advantage of this amazing offer between 2nd to 9th of August 2013.


    + Feature
    * Bugfix

    + Ability to create temporary redirect from 404 Blog Post to the last enabled
    + Ability to use Widgets in content
    + Compatibility with MageWorx XSitemap
    + Ability to use rel="author" Meta Tag from Google
    + Auto fill sort order for categories
    + Breadcrumbs in title for Backend Interfaces
    + URL slug generator was enhanced and supports all languages now
    + Use Glyphicons instead of images to display stylish icons
    + Ability to use Old Style icons for Blog pages
    + RSS Feeds for Categories
    + RSS Link on top of blog page
    + Button "Print" on top of Post page
    + Search in the blog content
    + Content Caching System
    + Frontend Post URL hint for Hidden Post
    + Note "Separate by comma" to tags field in post
    + Store View filter for all grids
    + Possibility to use reconfigured personal administrator name on post creating and comment reply
    + Additional DB Indexes for frontend performance
    + Column "Used in Posts" on Tags grid
    + "Tags" option was moved under WYSIWYG editor in Post editing interface
    + Invitation to create new categories if there is no one found
    + Update Category as Mass Action for Posts
    + Categories are sorted using Sort Order by default
    + Ability to disable automatic redirect to SEO formatted URL
    + Ability to change Blog Pro pages URL postfix
    + Use Common Library to limit strings
    + "Meta Tags" renamed to "Meta Keywords"
    + "General" options group was renamed to "Layout" in Configuration area
    + Additional share buttons for Blogger, Tumblr, Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki
    + Magento Enterprise Compatibility
    * Wrong redirects when Store Key attached to URL
    * Fatal error when open deleted post in backend
    * Wrong ISO format error if post wasn't saved correctly in debug mode
    * Fatal error when upgrade started twice
    * "Recommend this on Google" can't be translated to other languages
    * Blocks from shop in sidebar
    * RSS feed isn't valid for W3C
    * Tags didn't show but included into sitemap
    * Post and Category is disabled but available by URL key
    * Wrong domain names in Sitemap for Multistore mode
    * Comment Form sometimes can't appear on frontend
    * It's impossible to translate "By" on post
    * Time displayed with wrong timezone
    * Disabled categories are shown in sidebar
    * Comment displayed in the recent block but not displayed at the page
    * Bad padding of Date for Recent Posts block
    * Different elements has same class names in Archives block
    * Most of all mass actions lead to dashboard
    * WP-Culumus project link is wrong
    * "std" class is missed in template files on frontend
    * Published At need to be retested on post duplicate
    * isAllowed security functions are missed in backend controllers
    * Category was disabled but still displayed within post on frontend
    * There is no Post name in email notification about publishing
    * Minor fixes

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