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How We Worked on the Share Me Update

How We Worked on the Share Me Update
By Anastasia Pletneva January 12, 2015 1310 Views No comments

Hello to everyone,

As you know, our team is getting ready for releasing the Share Me extension. At the very beginning of the work, the main task was optimizing and making the process of giving discounts for performing actions on Facebook simpler. Plus, we wanted to make the extension compatible with the Magento Enterprise edition, and make the frontend interface more modern and cooler.

In the old version, the process of getting a discount was rather long and inconvenient for both a customer and merchant:

Old Product PageRequest for a Coupon Code

In December, the work on the extension update moved in a groove. We redesigned the frontend interface of the Facebook block, added new options to the backend, and started preparing for finishing the work. The updated extension looked great and pleased us.

Here are the screenshots of how Share Me looked like at that time:

Initial Product Page

Initial Shopping Cart

But in the last week of December, we arrived at the idea that “Like" is not so effective nowadays as, for example, two or three years ago.

We realized that allowing customers to share product pages and the store Facebook page, you will get more potential customers interested in what you sell. Today the leading position is taken by the so-called “human-generated" content. It means that shared pages and customer reviews are becoming more crucial in promoting products in social media. If a customer shares a product page and leaves a comment to it, such a post will definitely be noticed by his/her friends.

"LIke" also aims to show other Facebook users that the product is really valuable. But at present, many companies and stores use this button to artificially promote their products and services by giving customers discounts or gifts for liking. We, at Magpleasure, don't encourage such methods of business promotion. That's why we decided to remove the "Like" button from Share Me 2.0.

As a result, the finished version will look as following:

Future Product Page

Future Shopping Cart

We hope that you share our point of view on business dealing. We believe that quality content with real customer feedback is more effective for promoting a store in social media.

The removal of the button held back the release of Share Me. As soon as we complete the work, we'll write about it in our blog.

Best regards,
Anastasia Pletneva

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