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How to setup WebMoney extension

By Igor Goltsov January 18, 2014 3652 Views No comments

This is a short guide how to setup our Webmoney Extension for Magento to start recieve payments via WebMoney payment gateway.

First of all you need to install WebMoney extension to your Store.

After that, please open the page - .

On this page click “Change…” on the purse what need to be used for collecting money.

Please fill purse settings same way as it displayed on following image:

  1. Purse need to be approved in MegaStock catalog to use it in Work Mode (2).  
  2. Please set this option to “Test” till the moment your site be registered in MegaStock catalog.  You will be able to make test transactions. Anyone wouldn’t be charged but all transactions will be processed properly.
  3. Fill it within the name of your store
  4. Generate some secure key to put it here.
  5. Fill this field within result URL:
  6. Fill this field within success URL:
  7. Fill this field within failure URL:
  8. Check the box
  9. Select MD5 Signature algorithm.

And please don’t forget to select POST for “Method of requesting Success URL” and “method of requesting Fail URL”.

After that please click “Save”.

Please go on payment configuration page and fill fields with your Webmaoney details. You can find this page here - "Configuration" → "Payment Methods". Just open group of options what called "WebMoney".

Done! You can start your tests.

After tests, please sign up on MegaStock ( After your registration will confirmed, you can change Work/Test Mode option to “Active” and start to accept real payments using WebMoney payment interface.

Feel free to ask more questions on