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How to Use the Built-in Magento Profiler

By Anastasia Pletneva August 16, 2014 1561 Views No comments

Hello to everyone,

If your Magento store has started running slow and you want to find the bottlenecks in the system, you can use the built-in Magento profiler.

The profiler shows the CPU time which has been taken by each code section and how much memory has been occupied. In more than 50% cases, the cause can be determined with the help of the built-in Magento tool.

The following instruction will help you to use the profiler correctly.

  • Open the index.php system file and find there the following code line: #Varien_Profiler::enable();

The line is commented out. You should uncomment it.

The index.php File


  • After this, go to the System->Configuration backend page and open the Developer tab.




Profiler Backend Page


If you are profiling an already existing store, you should probably filter the profiling results from displaying them to customers. To display results only to you, specify in the Allowed IPs field your IP address.

How the Profiler Works

At the bottom of a page, there will appear a table with data on which steps have been done to prepare the page, how much time each step has taken and how much system memory has been occupied.

Hope this little guide will be useful to you.

Best regards,
Anastasia Pletneva