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Install Critical Security Patches to Protect Your Magento Store!

Install Critical Security Patches to Protect Your Magento Store!
By April 23, 2015 2637 Views No comments

Hello Dear Customers,

All of you or your store admins must have seen the following warning when logging in the store backend. It reminded you to download and install the two critical security patches. The reason for this urgency was an issue in the Magento system that allowed attackers to get access to customers' information.

Criminals can get into the store admin panel and install or use the existing extensions for managing system files to get the necessary data. Some of them could use the Magpleasure File System extension for this purpose. We've already disabled it on Magento Connect to prevent its possible downloading by attackers. If you didn't install this module yourself, delete it from your store.

To make sure that you haven't been attacked, go to the System backend page and check if File System isn't installed on your store. If the extension is installed but you haven't done it, remove it. After it, check whether there are new admins in your store. If there are any, delete them, too.

Then, go to this page, download and apply the security patches.

We know that some of you might be unsure of how to apply the patches to the store. If you feel like this, our support team can help you install them.

Kind wishes,
Anastasia Pletneva