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Magento Share Me 2.0 is Released!

Magento Share Me 2.0 is Released!
By January 28, 2015 2391 Views No comments

Yes, we finally did it! The work on Share Me 2.0, the Magento extension for promoting on Facebook, is finally finished. Now you can check out the ultimate result. Many new options, customer email notifications, stylish frontend interface – this is not all the list of features that have been added to the updated extension.

In the new version, the module checks customer activity automatically. It means that you or your admins don't need to view customers' profiles manually to make sure that they shared a product. The extension does it itself, and gives a discount immediately.

Let's consider other important features of Share Me 2.0.

“Share" and “Share Us" actions

There are two actions, Share and Share Us for which a customer can get a discount. “Share" means sharing a product page on a customer's Facebook wall. Due to it, his/her friends will see the shared product and may take interest in it. Buzz marketing afoot!

The "Share Us" button is responsible for sharing your store Page on Facebook. When a customer shares the store Page, s/he will receive a discount on all the products in your store.

"Share" and "Share Us" Facebook Activities

Customizable discount size

In the new version, you can set up your own discount amount in percent. Now the discount size for sharing a product or sharing the store Facebook Page is up to you.

Different Discount Percent for "Share" and "Share US"

One-time and multiple discounts

In Share Me 2.0, we've added two types of discounts: one-time and multiple. The one-time discount is available to a customer one time only. To get the discount on this product again, the customer should share the product page one more time during next purchasing.

The multiple discount on a product will always be available to a customer in future. He/she won't need to share the item again when buying it next time. The discount will be available to a customer, even if the post is deleted from his/her feed.

Customer email notification of a discount

Sometimes a customer shares a product, but doesn't purchase it. In this case, he/she will receive a notification that the discount is waiting in the store. These notifications are sent automatically, but you can cancel or send them manually at any time.

Customer Email Notification

The default email background is cool, but it may not fit your store design or specialization. In this case, you can change our email background to a custom one.

Custom Email Background

To check how an email will look in reality, send a test notification to your email. It's easy to do with the help of the Send Test Copy option. Just check a notification, enter your email in the Email field, and view the received copy.

Test Email Copy

Ability to share a product in the Cart

A customer can miss or forget to share the product he/she purchases. Now it's no trouble since you can add the Share button to the Cart. When a customer goes to checkout, s/he has an opprotunity to share the item right from the Cart and get a discount. Very easy and convenient!

Share Buttons in the Cart

Admin notifications of customers' activities

You can set up email notifications notifying you that a customer shared a product or your Facebook store Page. It's convenient since you will always know that someone performed an action in your store.

Admin Email Notification

Improved frontend interface

Certainly, we've updated the frontend interface of the Facebook block. In the new version of Share Me, it has become more stylish and clean. You can change the shape of the Facebook buttons, enable the counter of the customers who already shared a product, insert the block into a custom place on a page. All these options will allow you to tailor the Facebook block to the store design.

Facebook Block Frontend Interface Options

The full feature list you can learn on the Share Me page. We've also prepared a Share Me User Guide that will help you to configure the extension quicker. Here you will learn how to insert the Facebook block into a custom place. If you don't have a Facebook app in your store, this instruction will help you create it. The app doesn't need Facebook approval.

Link to Download: Share Me User Guide

This update was not so easy as some previous ones. We are grateful to all of you who have been waiting for the release of the new version for so long. Our team truly hopes that you'll like Share Me 2.0, and will benefit from buzz promotion.

P.S. Pleasant news for the customers who purchased Share Me previously! We prolong the license on the extension for another three months for you if your license has already expired. Enjoy!

Best regards,
Anastasia Pletneva