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Magpleasure Lands 2 New Extensions in May

By Igor Goltsov May 7, 2012 2240 Views No comments

In May Magplesure team has released two new products: PayPal Currency Rates and Tier Prices. The primarily focus of these extensions is to target international online stores that offer their products in multiple currencies and stores that offer tier price discounts.

PayPal Currency Rates for Magento

PayPal has become a standard payment system for most online stores worldwide. More than 100,000 largest online stores use PayPal to receive online payments from their customers. And a large portion of these stores allow payments to be done in more than a single currency. In today’s competitive world, for international online retailers to maintain their advantage one of requirements is to provide up to date product pricing in multiple currencies.

PayPal is integrated into Magento by default, but the automatic update of exchange rates for Magento from PayPal did not exist till now. And today we are proud to introduce to you MagPleasure PayPal Currency Rates which brilliantly solves the problem of updating currency rates in your store using the X.COMMERCE service. The application automatically receives current PayPal currency exchange rates and applies them to Magento store. Now customers that try to checkout using currency other than default currency of your store will not be surprised to see a different rate on PayPal checkout pages. With this extension the rates on Magento store and PayPal are synchronized.

We also proud to introduce MagPleasure Tier Prices for Magento extension which provides an opportunity to not only specify fixed Tier Price for items, but also a percentage discount from the basic price of the item depending on the number of items purchased.

Tier Prices from Magpleasure

When using default Magento Tier Price functionality we are able to give quantity based discounts only by entering fixed prices for them. If the buyers add to cart a specified number of items, they are able to buy those items at a discounted price that we set in Admin area of ​​Magento store. The biggest disadvantage is that when you change the base price of the item you also have to change the fixed Tier Prices. This is awfully time-consuming if you have thousands of products in your catalogue. Our module gives the flexibility of specifying tier prices by percentage of item base price. As well as the ability to mass update tier prices.

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