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Manual for processing orders using Mass Shipping

By Igor Goltsov April 2, 2013 2999 Views No comments

In this short tutorial, I want to answer some questions and show you how to process a large number of orders quickly using Mass Shipping extension.

Will Mass Shipping do everything for me?

No, it will still need some input from the store operator.  You will need to supply a list of orders along with the required information (Tracking Number, Carrier Type, etc), but that’s all that will be needed from you so that the orders can be processed by Mass Shipping. You will find that, depending on the number of orders you process each day, this extension will free up some of your time so that it can be spent on more useful tasks.

How can Mass Shipping help me?

Each time you ship an order to the customer you have an ability to record this action in the Magento order management interface, but that also means you need to open each order to enter shipping information. With Mass Shipping you can first add shipping details into a spreadsheet (Excel, Open Office Calc, or any other spreadsheet program), then just import the data into the Mass Shipping interface and it will magically process all the orders for you; it will add Tracking Numbers, notify your customers by email, and change the order status appropriately. It is extremely convenient for a large number of orders.

What if I sell digital goods?

Then Mass Shipping is not for you.

I ship on average 5-10 orders per day; will Mass Shipping still be useful?

No, I think you will not notice a significant time savings, but if you are sending 50 or more parcels a day, you will notice a huge performance boost in your business.

Enough with the questions, let’s see how it works!

It is best illustrated by a simple example:

Let's assume your store offers different kinds of goods like a supermarket. You have just opened and have already gotten your first three orders. That’s a good start!

Let’s look at each order separately as we enter them into a single spreadsheet for processing by Mass Shipping.

Order 1: A customer named James Bull bought three mobile phones from you.

An example order for Mass Shipping

Excellent, we can ship them in one package. First, open a new spreadsheet and enter the items from order 100000001 that we shipped via Airmail along with Tracking Number RH0000001.

Preparing spreadsheet for Mass Shipping

Item SKU is not specified. Mass Shipping will pick this up and process this order as one shipment. As a result, the order status will also be change to complete.

Order 2: Chan Lee ordered a T-shirt and a pair of sneakers.

An example order for Mass Shipping

When you started picking this order you found that you only had the t-shirt in stock. After contacting Chan you got instructions from him to ship the T-Shirt first and he is happy to wait for the pair of sneakers once they become available. So here's how we process this; we enter the information for the t-shirt that we shipped into the file (with the product SKU - coal_sm from order 100000002).

An example order item for Mass Shipping

We assigned the Tracking Number FE0000002. Thus, Mass Shipping will know that the order of 100000002 is partially delivered and process the order accordingly.

Preparing spreadsheet for Mass Shipping

Order 3: Mario Santos ordered some furniture for his living room.

An example order for Mass Shipping

I am no expert in the transportation of oversized cargo, but let's assume that we can sent the ottoman vai Airmail, as it is not too large and quite light. We give it the Tracking Number RH0000003. Here is how we enter it into our spreadsheet:

Preparing spreadsheet for Mass Shipping

But the sofa and chair will travel together through via Federal Express's delivery service and will be under the same tracking number FE0000004. So enter a new line for this order, but specify a different Tracking Number and Item SKUs. We can separate SKUs by comma e.g., 1112, 1113, and Mass Shipping will interpret that these twp items were shipped in one package .

Preparing spreadsheet for Mass Shipping

Because the two entries point to the same order, it means that this order will be shipped with two separate shipping methods. For such orders it is required to specify Item SKUs, otherwise the entire order will be marked as delivered under a single Tracking Number.

After entering data into the spreadsheet, the next logical step is to pass these to Mass Shipping for processing.

Copy spreadsheet data

Open the administration panel of your store and select Mass Shipping from the menu. Next click Import (Copy / Paste from Excel).

Import Data from Excel

Paste the copied data in the input box, and then click Import List. Mass Shipping will import the data and prompt you to define the correct column names. After the column is defined, just click Next.

Match columns

Just one more step and we're done! We need to tell Mass Shipping what Carrier Type the letters A and FE belong to and once that's done we can click All Done.

Match carrier types

After that, we just wait until all of our orders are processed.

Wait for all orders being processed

As Mass Shipping completes the processing it will display a report on the successfully processed rows or errors, if they occur.

Check report

You can download the report in CSV format and correct the rows that caused the error; and that’s all there is to it.


Our orders went into processing, and we saved time.

Order statuses changed correctly

We shipped Chan just the T-shirt, and sneakers will be sent later.

There are separately shipped items

And Maria has received two parcels via different postal services.

Two shiments per one order

You say, "Ugh ... and that's it? Where is the promised time savings?" For this example we only processed three orders. As we mentioned earlier, the real benefit of this extension comes when you are processing at least 50 orders a day. Those who have larger stores will definitely be the ones who will benefit the most.

In addition, I would like to bring to your attention to 2 more of our products, which also help storeowners be more efficient. The first is, Smart Selector, which allow you, by having a list of relative IDs, to quickly select a given set of orders, products, and customers. And, Assign Order to Customer, which helps you assign guest orders to specified customers. Item images on Order Management page has been implemented using Order Images extension.

We hope to make your work with Magento more enjoyable.