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Meet the Updated Magento Blog Pro 2.0!

Meet the Updated Magento Blog Pro 2.0!
By March 5, 2015 2164 Views 6 comments

Hello Dear Customers,

We've been waiting for this moment for more than a year! Our team is finally done with Blog Pro 2.0. It wasn't just a slight update: improving old features, adding new possibilities, over 200 fixed bugs – all this took us much time and efforts.

We kept the general concept of the extension and almost completely redesigned the "stuffing". As a result, the module functionality and interface has been significantly extended and improved.

We know that many of you were looking forward to trying Blog Pro 2.0. Throughout past six months, we've published several posts with the description of new features implemented in the update. So, let's have a look at the most important introductions in the final version:

New-made WYSIWYG editor

In the new version, the tabs on the post editing page were removed from the left sidebar to the top of the editing area. Such tabs arrangement is handier since you are able to switch between them quickly. We also added new tabs, such as Thumbnail and Statistics.

Tip: Click an image to enlarge it.

Responsive design

A lot of people use smartphones and tablets for surfing on the Internet nowadays. Blog Pro 2.0 has got responsive design due to which your content will be presented on all devices in a convenient format.

When a customer swypes from the right or left side, an off-canvas menu with widgets will appear.

Improved image upload

Many of you could waste a lot of time on adding images to your posts. This problem has been solved in this Blog Pro version, and now image upload is easy as a pie.

There are three ways of how to upload images to a blog post:

1. drag and drop it into the upload area in the AJAX window

2. click the "Choose File" button in the AJAX window and choose a picture on your device

3. if you uploaded an image previously, you can find and insert from the storage

4. drag an image wight to the necessary place in the WYSIWYG editor

Thumbnail images

Thumbnail is an important part of almost any blog. It gives a customer an instant idea of what the post is about. We've implemented this feature in Blog Pro 2.0, and you could already notice it a month ago on our website.

You can use two different thumbnail images for the main blog page and the post page.

Visualized layout configuration

As you know, Blog Pro allows configuring blog pages layout as you need. Earlier it was possible only by selecting a layout from a drop-down list. Now the layout templates are visual due to which the configuration process becomes easier and quicker.

First, you should choose the number of columns for a layout. Then, you can move, delete, interchange the position of widgets. Here you can also select list/grid arrangement of posts on the main blog page.

Desktop Post

Desktop List

Mobile List

Mobile Post

Posts grid arrangement

We added the possibility to arrange posts in grid. Presented in such a way, posts take less space on a page which is especially useful when you blog often.

The width of a thumbnail can be defined for each post separately: normal, middle or wide.

Admin and customer email notifications

Blog Pro 2.0 allows you to send email notifications to admins and customers.

You can configure admin notifications of new comments. If comments are not auto approved, you should head to the backend and approve or reject it. If comments are publicated automatically, a notification will just alert you that someone commented a post.

Customer notifications are sent if a person subscribed to getting emails when a new comment or reply is added.

Open Graph and Twitter Card meta tags for posts

Open Graph is crucial if you share your posts on Facebook, Google+ and other networkings. It allows you to control and specify what data will be taken when you share a post. Twitter Card also helps Twitter add meta data to tweets, such as pictures, audio or video.

These are the main features of Blog Pro 2.0. The full feature list you can see in the Changelog tab on the extension page. We also wrote a new Blog Pro 2.0 User Guide to help you understand all its features better.

You can also try the extension by yourselves in the Backend and Frontend demo.

As you see, Blog Pro has been significantly updated. We consider that these chages will make the process of post creation more convenient and will give you more possiblities to blog like a pro.

P.S. Let me introduce that cool people who worked hard on updating Blog Pro. We really hope that you will enjoy our product :)

Best regards,
Anastasia Pletneva

S.G. March 6, 2015 at 5:15 AM
Nice work! Looks great.
Igor Goltsov March 6, 2015 at 6:16 AM
Thank you so much for your kind words. We really did our best to make the tool for awesome blogging under Magento.
Sincerely, Igor Goltsov
Sven Westhoff March 6, 2015 at 7:42 PM
Hands down the best blog extension available. Awesome update! Keep up, great work!
Btw: great idea to show who's actually part of your team, it makes the communication more personal. :-) (Still wonder who's who though.)
Anastasia Pletneva March 6, 2015 at 11:40 PM
Hi Swen, thank you for your supportive words! We'll add a page to our website where you'll be able to see us our team :)
Rebecca Smith March 12, 2015 at 6:33 PM
So stunning Anastasia! I was looking this type of tool to enhance my blog. Editing in Mobile is the great feature of your tool. I really wants to use this tool in my personal website. Cheers! :)
Anastasia Pletneva March 12, 2015 at 10:21 PM
Hi Rebecca, I'm glad to here that you like our extension, we really worked hard on it. Hope you'll enjoy other Blog Pro features, they're great :)