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New Shipping Estimator Extension has been Released!

By Anastasia Pletneva August 19, 2014 1570 Views No comments

Hello there,

In one of our previous posts, we've written about the new Shipping Estimator Magento extension. Today it has been released and you can finally check it out! 

With the help of Shipping Estimator, you can significantly improve customer experience in your store. The module allows customers to select one of the shipping methods, available to their countries, and see its cost on a product page. 


Shipping Estimator Magento Extension


Shipping Estimator is easy customizable and integrates the shipping methods option into each product page. A customer can select a country from the drop-down list and choose a delivery method which suits him/her best. 

Here are some Shipping Estimator features:

  • Convenient frontend interface
A customer can easily choose his/her country from the list in an AJAX window without leaving the product page. All the available shipping methods will be displayed in the same window after choosing a country.
  • Ability to apply a selected shipping method to other store products

When a customer selects a suitable shipping method, it will be applied to all other items in the store. Besides, the chosen method will be applied to the products which are added to the Cart.

This feature will allow a customer to do shopping in your store conveniently and without wasting time on calculating the total amount for each item. 

  •  Ability to redefine the shipping method

A customer can select another delivery method if it suits him/her more. After it, all orders will be recalculated in accordance with the new shipping method. This option saves much time on making shipping changes manually.

  • Icons for shipping methods

You can specify an icon for each delivery method in your store. They will make shipping methods more recognizable for customers.

Shipping Estimator can make the process of shopping quicker and more convenient for your customers. They will not have to calculate shipping for every product by themselves because it will be done automatically right on a product page. The extension will especially be useful for international stores delivering to other countries.

To see how the extension is configured and its frontend view, you can download the Shipping Estimator Guide which we've prepared for you.

P.S. In honour of the Shipping Estimator release, we give you a 15% discount on this extension! The offer will be valid until August 31, 2014.

Hopefully Shipping Estimator will be of use to many of you. 

Best wishes,
Anastasia Pletneva