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The Recent Reviews 1.0 has been released!

By Igor Goltsov August 4, 2011 1976 Views No comments

We want to introduce you the Recent Reviews. It displays the latest reviews that were added by your customers. Information is displayed on the Home page, on the category page and on the product page. It's main goal is to show actual and important information. When you installed  and slightly tweaked the product a nice it's block will be displayed on the pages of your store with the number of the latest reviews you pointed out by a setup.

Block of Recent Reviews Extension

This one shows not only a short text of the reviews but also the links to products described in it. The text of a review will be cutted if it is big. This product is just made for you if your store has many products and your users share their impressions about the purchased products actively. The presence of such a block on the pages of your store will not only enrich its appearance but also make the site more attractive for search engines. Besides since there is a link to the product next to each review your the most frequently bought products will be purchased even more frequently.

This block's template is composed in a classical Magento programming style. It will become an integral part of your store without any flashy movements on your part. This is a unique product. The product of an excellent quality. And we are proud  that it was made by us.