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SEO Pagination Update

By Igor Goltsov July 22, 2013 2901 Views No comments

We have just released a new version of SEO Pagination - 1.0.2. This product is part of a bigger project that is a series of modules target SEO for Magento.  We will be releasing other SEO modules for Magento in near future and this one will also be included in the pack. However, you can still greatly benefit from having this module by itself.  

SEO Friendly Pages


In this version we have added out of the box compatibility with third-party Magento SEO modules and fixed several bugs. This version fulfills its requirements perfectly and is optimized for performance.

Now we also offer it to Magento Enterprise users.

To recall, SEO Pagination replaces the pagination URLs ?p=1, ?p=2 to SEO friendly versions such as 1.html, 2.html.  Also, this module adds special tags rel=”next” and rel=”prev” into the <HEAD> area of the web page to indicate to search engines about multi-page content.

Google Pagination Tags

You will be able to download the new version free of charge if you purchased it previously, otherwise you can simply purchase a new copy.