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Stop wasting time when selecting items in Magento

By Igor Goltsov July 6, 2012 2714 Views No comments

MagPleasure is glad to announce the release of Smart Selector, a new extra-powerful Magento extension. This product is designed to quickly select large sets of orders, customers or products in Magento admin area. Just copy the list of Order #, Customer Emails or SKU from Excel or other source and paste them into a special field. Required items will be highlighted in the blink of an eye.

Smart Selector Window


How many times a day is a store operator faced with the need to select specific orders to perform some mass action on them? In order to do this we need to scan though the grid and mark each item one by one, constantly switching between the Excel spreadsheet and store admin panel. This is a big waste of you precious time. Smart Selector is ready to put an end to this hideous process. Just copy a list of Order numbers from Excel or any other source then click Select by Order # button in the Magento order management interface and paste the list in there. Instantly all orders that you need will be selected, even if they are not currently visible on your order management grid. Then you can perform any mass action that is available on selected orders.

This operation can also be used with customers or products. For customer you will need a list of Emails and for products a list of SKU.

This is a tool that should always be at hand.

Have a nice day!