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Forms 1.0.4 has been released

By Igor Goltsov November 13, 2012 2689 Views 2 comments

Today we are announcing an updated version of Forms by Magpleasure. In the new version 1.0.4 we have added several great features.

Forms for Magento 1.0.3 has been released

By Igor Goltsov September 21, 2012 2444 Views 1 comment

Magpleasure is pleased to release an update to Forms extension for Magento.

How to Install Magento Extension

By Igor Goltsov July 24, 2012 3108 Views No comments

Before we get into the details, I would like to point out that if you are not confident performing the installation yourself, you should let the team of Magento professionals do it. People who developed the extension would be the best choice and they usually offer this service for a small fee.

But if you decided to get your hands dirty and do it yourself, we recommend following these instructions:

1, 2, 3... Go!

By Igor Goltsov May 17, 2012 4231 Views No comments

The MagPleasure team is pleased to present to you SEO Pagination module. This new extension not only implements rel="next" and rel="prev" tags into catalog category pagination but also makes SEO Friendly pagination URLs plus more features.

Google Pagination Tags

Recently Google has released an article about their solution for pagination issues in SEO and search. In particular they come up with these new tags view all & rel="next" and rel="prev" to target pagination issues. In this post we would like to introduce our new Magento solution that implements new Google Tags

Until now it was not possible to track the status of guest orders

By Igor Goltsov May 11, 2012 2977 Views No comments

Until now it was not possible for your customer to track the status of those orders, which were made by him as a guest. Magpleasure team is pleased to present to you a new tool that elegantly solves this problem. Assign Order to Customer allows you in a matter of seconds to associate any guest order with a registered customer in your store. To do this, simply open the guest order and click Assign to Customer. In the list of customers choose the customer that you need to assign to and confirm the association.

Until now it was not possible to track the status of guest orders...

Magpleasure Lands 2 New Extensions in May

By Igor Goltsov May 7, 2012 2260 Views No comments

In May Magplesure team has released two new products: PayPal Currency Rates and Tier Prices. The primarily focus of these extensions is to target international online stores that offer their products in multiple currencies and stores that offer tier price discounts.

Magpleasure Lands 2 New Extensions in May