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Quick Survey: Should We Keep File System Alive?

By April 30, 2015 2024 Views 2 comments

All the Magento community was agitated by hacker attacks in April. We hope that you've already applied the security patches to protect your stores. Some attackers used our File System extension to get into the system. As soon as we knew about it, the module was disabled.

Though the problem is solved by installing the patches, we began to hesitate whether to leave File System alive. The module is helpful when used by developers, but can do real harm when falls into the wrong hands.

There are three new products in August, 2011

By Igor Goltsov August 15, 2011 2439 Views No comments

This week our team published three new products. Now experienced developers can not to spend time on the long and hard connection to the shop's file system through ftp or sftp. Extension for Magento called File System from our team lets to make changes in a handy text editor with a syntax highlighting. We are distributing this product absolutely for free. This is our gift to all developers who write systems for the e-commerce with an open source Magento. This work is very hard and we like nobody else know it. Let our tools please your eye and save you time.

We hope that our wonderful extensions for payments through LiqPay and Wallet One payment gateways will increase the quantity and quality of your sales.