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We have released a new Active Content Slider 1.0.4 version

By Igor Goltsov March 22, 2013 3672 Views No comments

Today we deliver to you an updated version of Active Content Slider. This version fixes some known bugs and adds a couple of new features. Overall, our slider became more stable and responsive. In addition, the new automatic code generator will save you time when setting up.


Buy new AJAX Bookmarks with 20% discount during this week

By Igor Goltsov March 20, 2013 2459 Views No comments

Buy new AJAX Bookmarks for Magento with 20% discount

New AJAX Bookmarks available

By Igor Goltsov March 19, 2013 2358 Views No comments

We are pleased to announce an updated version of AJAX Bookmarks. In this version we have fixed many of the known bugs and added some new features. AJAX Bookmarks is now more attractive and much faster.

We also released a version of AJAX Bookmarks for Magento Enterprise owners.