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Posts tagged 'Magento Patches'

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Another Magento Security Patch SUPEE-6482 is Released. Install It Now!

By August 5, 2015 2065 Views No comments

Hello there,

Yesterday another security patch for Magento stores was released. This time, the Magento team has fixed issues with APIs and two cross-site scripting risks.

We recommend you to apply the new SUPEE-6482 patch as soon as possible. It will make your store safer for you and your customers. Before installing the patch, please make sure that the previous three patches are already installed on the store. It is necessary for the proper patch work.

The 3rd Security Patch for Magento E-stores

By July 9, 2015 1310 Views No comments

The Magento team has released the 3rd security patch for online stores. Together with the previous patches, it is necessary for maximum safety of your site in cases of possible hacker attacks. The SUPEE-6285 patch is already available for downloading.

By installing this patch, you will protect your and your customers’ credential from attackers. We highly recommend you to download and apply it as soon as possible.

Magento released another security patch (SUPEE-5994)

By May 16, 2015 1333 Views No comments

Hello Dear Customers,

The Magento team has released another security patch with some critical fixes to protect stores from hackers. We highly recommend you to download and apply it as soon as possible. It will save you and your customers from possible attacks.

If you didn't install the previous patches we wrote about, do it before installing the recently released patch (SUPEE-5994).

Magento Reminds Merchants Again to Install Patches

By April 24, 2015 1059 Views No comments

Hi there,

Recently we've written about attacks on Magento stores and stealing customers' personal and credit card data. Yesterday we've got an email from Magento where they warned us once again that it's critical for all merchants to install the security patches immediately. There's also a 3rd reminder to apply the patches when you log into the Admin Panel.

The Magpleasure team recommends you not to ignore these warnings because it's the only reliable way to protect your store from attackers.

Install Critical Security Patches to Protect Your Magento Store!

By April 23, 2015 2615 Views No comments

Hello Dear Customers,

All of you or your store admins must have seen the following warning when logging in the store backend. It reminded you to download and install the two critical security patches. The reason for this urgency was an issue in the Magento system that allowed attackers to get access to customers' information.