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Free Script for Removing Unused Images

By Anastasia Pletneva July 30, 2014 6892 Views No comments

Hi everyone,

Our team has designed a new extremely useful free script for deleting unnecessary product images from Magento stores. Due to it, you can save up to 60% of data space if your store exists for a long period of itme.

Magento closes down Magento Go and ProStores

By Anastasia Pletneva July 24, 2014 1607 Views No comments

The Magento Go and ProStores services, which use for about 10,000 merchants, will be shut down on February 1, 2015.

The company has prepared detailed guides and other notices about how to move users’ stores to other platforms. All these documents can be found on ProStores and Magento Go official websites.

Magento Go is Shutting Down

New ultra-fast MagPleasure Themes

By Igor Goltsov September 11, 2013 2942 Views No comments

We have recently announced the release of 3 first MagPleasure themes: Modern, Ubuntu Style, and Italia. You can find out more here.

After your warm welcome, we are in a hurry to release more themes that can make your store look and work better. Here they are:

Welcome Magpleasure Themes Designed for Magento!

By Igor Goltsov September 4, 2013 3656 Views 1 comment

Today we are glad to introduce 2 new professionally-developed themes for Magento.

No doubt store theme makes the first impression on visitors when they come to your website for the first time. That’s why the template of your Magento should be accurately chosen and absolutely suit your site needs.

A quick overview of new ultra-fast themes available at the Magpleasure is presented below – have a look at them and find out which one can help your website look more eye-catching, modern, and easy to use.

Boost your Frontend with new Magento extension

By Igor Goltsov May 13, 2013 3275 Views No comments

Today we are excited to present you with our new module. This is a unique fronted accelerator solution for your Magento store. JS/CSS Compressor will significantly reduce bandwidth usage for high traffic stores as well as increase the loading speed of pages.


An example order for Mass Shipping


Forms 1.0.5 has been released

By Igor Goltsov December 26, 2012 2116 Views No comments

New version 1.0.5 version of the Forms has been released with the following changelog:

The Long-Awaited Update to Share Me!

By Igor Goltsov December 13, 2012 2048 Views No comments

In anticipation of long-awaited version of Share Me 1.1 which will add 100% automation for social share discounts, we have released an interim version 1.0.2 which solves some issues that were found by us and our customers.

Share Me is one of our most popular products. It allows you to conduct successful campaigns to promote your store items and significantly increases the presence of your business on social networks.