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Posts tagged 'Mass Shipping'

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Mass Shipping User Guide

By Anastasia Pletneva June 5, 2014 1735 Views No comments

Hi there,

Today we’ve released another User Guide to one of our Magento extensions – Mass Shipping. This module is an irreplaceable tool for the store owners who have to process 50+ orders a day. Mass Shipping saves a lot of time on creating shipment lists which just can be just copied from Excel or imported as a .csv file.

Great news for large Magento store owners

By Igor Goltsov April 3, 2013 3387 Views No comments

Great news for large Magento store owners! We've completed the next version of our brilliant Mass Shipping extension. In this version, we have fixed some known bugs and significantly redesigned the core of the product for performance improvements. In addition, we've added the ability to group products in the shipments, assign a Tracking Code to each parcel, and set its Carrier Type.


Manual for processing orders using Mass Shipping

By Igor Goltsov April 2, 2013 2999 Views No comments

In this short tutorial, I want to answer some questions and show you how to process a large number of orders quickly using Mass Shipping extension.

Mass Shipping 1.0.1 has been released

By Igor Goltsov September 23, 2012 2326 Views No comments

We have made an important update to Mass Shipping. The new release includes several important bug fixes.

Mass SHipping 1.0.1

The contender for the “Product of the Year” - Mass Shipping Extension

By Igor Goltsov June 26, 2012 2040 Views No comments

Another contender for the “Product of the Year” title is all new Mass Shipping extension.

This product allows you, just with the few clicks, to enter shipping information into the system using  mass action. You do not have to open each order anymore to create Shipment and enter Tracking Numbers. You can take advantage of Excel file where you can quickly enter all shipping information.