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Some Bug Fixes in Magento Tier Prices 1.2.2

By February 27, 2015 1584 Views 2 comments

Hello Dear Customers,

The other day our Tier Prices extension for Magento has been updated. First of all, we fixed the issue concerning module package which has been downloaded for the last few weeks. It was impossible to set a tier for a product.

Magento Tier Prices v1.2.1 is Released

By Anastasia Pletneva October 16, 2014 1447 Views No comments

Hi to everyone,

Today we release Tier Prices 1.2.1 where we've fixed a bug in the Cart. It happened when a customer added the required number of products for getting a tiered price and proceeded to Checkout. After changing the currency, an error appeared. Now we’re glad to say that this bug is fixed.

Tier Prices 1.2 Version is Released

By Anastasia Pletneva September 30, 2014 1492 Views No comments

Hi there,

Today we have released Tier Prices 1.2. The extension core has been partially rewritten to make the module work closer to work of the native Magento tier prices. 

Tier Prices 1.1.7 has been Released

By Anastasia Pletneva August 4, 2014 1513 Views No comments

Today we’ve released an updated version of Tier Prices. The extension has become compatible with the GoMage LightCheckout module.

Tier Prices 1.1.6 version has been released

By Anastasia Pletneva July 8, 2014 1516 Views No comments

Hi everyone,

We continue improving the Tier Prices extension and today we’ve released Tier Prices 1.1.6. In this version, a serious bug has been fixed.  Because of it, special prices couldn’t be applied to items in the shopping cart. Now this problem is resolved.

Attention to Tier Price Users!

By Anastasia Pletneva June 24, 2014 1756 Views No comments

Dear Customers,

We highly recommend those customers who have installed Tier Prices 1.1 version update the extension to Tier Prices 1.1.2.

Tier Prices 1.1 Version has been Released!

By Anastasia Pletneva June 10, 2014 1684 Views No comments

Hi to everyone,

Last time the Tier Prices extension was updated almost 2 years ago. Yes, we know that it’s a very long period, so we made up our mind to update the module. The new Tier Prices became more functional and has some useful features and improvements that you’ll probably like.