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Posts tagged 'Tricks'

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Change Fonts and Reduce File Size for PDF Invoice in Magento

By Igor Goltsov June 21, 2012 15321 Views 4 comments

We and our clients often meet a situation where we need to print an Order Invoice for a particular customer.
If you ever noticed, the size of a PDF Invoice file is roughly 1.5Mb. It is not a problem if you only need to download a single file. But in a situation where we need to download 10, 20 or 50 files in one go; the total download size will increase dramatically. This becomes a headache especially when you need to get these files urgently.

Magento - Can’t initialize indexer process

By Igor Goltsov June 11, 2012 12503 Views 5 comments

Can't initialize indexer process – this is one of those frustrating errors that can sometimes interfere with the daily operation of an established Magento store. It is quite common to see large online stores upgrade to newer versions of Magento and later on meet the above error. Let’s look into a couple of solutions that I have used to tackle this issue.

How to Increase Image Quality on Magento Store?

By Igor Goltsov May 23, 2012 14079 Views 5 comments

Today I want to show you a fairly simple solution to increase the quality of images on your Magento store and make them a lot more attractive.

If one day you noticed that the images on your store are not as sharp as the images on your competitors site then you are probably losing potential customers. You must do something about it…