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The Long-Awaited Update to Share Me!

By Igor Goltsov December 13, 2012 2060 Views No comments

In anticipation of long-awaited version of Share Me 1.1 which will add 100% automation for social share discounts, we have released an interim version 1.0.2 which solves some issues that were found by us and our customers.

Share Me is one of our most popular products. It allows you to conduct successful campaigns to promote your store items and significantly increases the presence of your business on social networks.

One of the major issues in the previous version was that the Share Me generated coupons did not work properly with other Shopping Cart Price Rules and Magento native coupons. Now this issue is a thing of the past.

We also solved the problem of translating messages generated by Share Me. Previously, because of the large number of quotes in the text, translating Share Me into another language was difficult. Now, you can easily translate it into any language you need. By the way, if you plan to translate Share Me into other language, please share it with us and you will get a discount on another product of ours.

Furthermore, we solved the issues with the return of the customer to the product page, when he clicks on a link to login to request a coupon code.  We have also fixed many other minor problems.

Please note if you bought Share Me before, the new version will be available in your account area under My Downloadable Products in our store.

Now you can try this stable version of Share Me on your store, and we will work hard to add new features to Share Me that will further increase your profits and ease your life.

P.S. How to Upgrade to Share Me 1.0.2

You can just unzip version 1.0.2 to your disk and upload all files as they are right to your store. In this version only core files were changed. After applying this update, everything should work as before even if you have customized theme.