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The new version of Custom Order Status

By Igor Goltsov December 19, 2013 1900 Views No comments

We are pleased to announce a new version of Custom Order Status. You can download the updated version 1.2 on our website under My Downloadable Products.

In this version we improved the interface to make it safer and added the ability to set default statuses for each state of the order.

Richer functionality

Incorporating our personal experience and by listening to our customers feedback, we redesigned the interface and significantly automated it. Now to add a new status, you simply enter its name and assign it to any state of the order. Other fields will be automatically filled in. Of course, for advanced users, we have the option to configure everything manually.

Richer functionality

Default statuses

Our experience showed us that every business is unique in some way or another and that is why we added a little more flexibility when processing orders. Now you have the ability to set the default status for the majority of states. For example, you can select the default status, which is assigned to the order immediately after it is received or after it has been successfully processed. This functionality was missing from the previous version but now the world is saved.

Default Statuses

Secure interface

Previous version of Custom Order Status had an ability to accidently introduce confusion or errors when processing orders in your store. You could potentially have a store that is operating and taking orders, but order statuses would be displayed not quite the way you expected. In this version, we decided to make the module as safe as possible for your store. We have put in place precautions to prevent you from changing or deleting system statuses or those statuses that are critical to the normal store operation. For these, you only have the ability to change their names or display order, but no more.

Safe interface

In many ways, our Custom Order Status has become much smarter and safer. And we are pleased to present this new version today.

We are also pleased to report that this must-have extension is now available for users of Magento Enterprise Edition.

If you bought it before, you can download it here now. The rest of you can buy it now from here. This is a kind of module that every store must have without exceptions.

Have a good day.