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Updated Product Info Blocks 1.1 is Available Now!

By Anastasia Pletneva July 22, 2014 1849 Views No comments

Hi Dear Customers,

We are glad to announce that the Product Info Blocks 1.1 module is finally finished. The module is compatible with Magento CE1.9 & EE1.14. Besides, some new useful features have been added.

  • Uploaded link icons

Now you have the opportunity to upload your own icons for frontend links. It’s especially convenient for those stores which already have their own link icons.


You have also an opportunity to select an icon from the drop-down list. In this module version, there are not only labels for icons but also icon previews beside them. 

  • More color schemes for the pop-up window

The new version offers a wider variety of pop-up window colors. Choose one which will fit your store design!

  • Optimized cache

Product Info Blocks uses native Magento cache and doesn’t interfere with store work. 

Extension Guide 

We’ve also prepared a guide to Product Info Blocks. It describes how to configure the module and insert default and customized sets of links.

Link to Download: Product Info Blocks Guide 

How to Upgrade Product Info Blocks  

For the correct work of Product Info Blocks 1.1 on old Magento versions, delete the following files and folders from theTheme  and Skin  folders.

Don't forget to make a store backup before any deletion or installation!

If you feel unsure when deleting any system files, use the Extension Upgrade Service and our support team will carefully upgrade the extension for you. 

Files and folders to delete:

* app/design/frontend/<YOUR_PACKAGE>/<YOUR_THEME>/layout/pinstructions.xml
* app/design/frontend/<YOUR_PACKAGE>/<YOUR_THEME>/template/pinstructions
* skin/frontend/<YOUR_PACKAGE>/<YOUR_THEME>/pinstructions
* app/design/frontend/<YOUR_PACKAGE>/<YOUR_THEME>/layout/magpleasure.xml
* app/design/frontend/<YOUR_PACKAGE>/<YOUR_THEME>/template/magpleasure
* skin/frontend/<YOUR_PACKAGE>/<YOUR_THEME>/magpleasure
* app/design/frontend/default/default/layout/pinstructions.xml
* app/design/frontend/default/default/template/pinstructions
* skin/frontend/default/default/pinstructions
* app/design/frontend/default/default/layout/magpleasure.xml
* app/design/frontend/default/default/template/magpleasure
* skin/frontend/default/default/magpleasure

We hope you’ll enjoy the updated module version!

Kind regards,

Anastasia Pletneva