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Allow Customers to Pay for Orders via Wallet One v1.0.3

By Anastasia Pletneva August 11, 2014 1496 Views No comments

Hello there,

This time we’re going to present Wallet One v1.0.3 which is compatible with Magento CE1.9 & EE1.14 now. Together with the update, a User Guide to this extension is available to you. Though the module is simple to work with, the guide can be of use to some of you.

In the new version of Wallet One, you will be able to track payment process on the order backend page. All the transaction points will be conveniently displayed in the Comments History field.  

Transaction Tracking

Besides adding a new feature, we haven't forgotten to fix bugs and make some other minor fixes. 

The User Guide will help you to configure the module correctly. It won't take much time especially if you already have a Wallet One account. 

Wallet One User Guide: Link to Download

The Wallet One payment system allows paying for online purchases. It works with the most popular currencies, such as USD, EU, RUB and others.

Best Wishes,
Anastasia Pletneva