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Why Text Fonts in Magento Blog Pro are Unchangeable

Why Text Fonts in Magento Blog Pro are Unchangeable
By June 4, 2015 1101 Views No comments

Many Blog Pro customers ask the same question: why doesn't your extension allow changing the text font? Since you ask it quite often, we decided to give an answer in our blog.

The first and main Blog Pro goal is to help you create interesting and valuable to your readers content. The graphic design including text fonts depends on your store theme. Usually themes are created by professional designers who can match fonts and other elements well.

The purpose of the extension is not design but content creation. We decided to make the header and text fonts unchangeable so as you wouldn't be distracted by selecting suitable fonts for the text.

When you try to change the fonts by yourself, it may cause some problems in the frontend.

The first one is the increased time of web page loading. A browser needs more time to load several different fonts. If you use 3 or 4 fonts in your post, it will be longer to load them on a page. Bear in mind that if a font fails to load, the page will look ugly because of the broken design.

Another problem that your readers may face is poor readability. When using several fonts that don't match, it's rather difficult to read and understand a text. As a result, instead of reading an article, a visitor is distracted and confused by different font styles.

See a possible version of this post writte in different fonts:

Not very attractive, right?

The Blog Pro extension allows you create quality content in the first place. Its convenient editor is a great helper in creating more professional looking articles:

We believe that it's your designer's work to make a theme for your store with all the necessary fonts. Your task is to concentrate and write content for your blog posts. Most of the customers want to enjoy interesting articles on fast-loading pages with a readable font. And Blog Pro allows you to create such posts.

Best wishes,
Anastasia Pletneva

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