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Share Me!

Share Me!2.1.1

Promotion on Facebook is an effective tool for growing business and attracting new leads. Customers help you promote the store by sharing your products and the Facebook store Page. In turn, you give them a discount. Buzz marketing at work!

You can also buy Magento Share Me extension from Amasty website.

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Time Saving

You or your admins don’t need to check if a customer shared a product, and send discount coupons manually. The extension will do it itself which will save you much time.

Constant traffic of potential customers

An average Facebook user has 350 friends. If a customer shares a product, some of them will definitely take interest in your store and go to your site. It’s a perfect chance to turn leads into customers and grow your business.

Automated process

Share Me is a fully automated extension. It means that a customer will receive a discount immediately after sharing, and will see it right on the product page. No need to wait for your approve or a discount coupon on email.

Customer email notification of a discount

Sometimes a customer can leave a store without purchasing the shared product. An automatic email notification will not only remind him/her of the discount, but will also serve as an additional incitement to complete the purchase.

One time/multiple discount

You can decide by yourself if a customer will use a discount only one time during purchase or always in future. The multiple discount is a great way to encourage a client to go back to your store for the same product one more time.

Noticeable buttons

The share buttons are displayed in a convenient place on a page, and easy to be seen and clicked. At the same time, they don’t distract customer’s attention from the product.

Works cool on Magento Community versions:
1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9
Works cool on Magento Enterprise versions:
1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9 1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14

When a Facebook user shares a product, all his/her friends see this post in their News Feed. Some of those friends will be interested in the shared product and come to your store. And a few people will purchase from you and may even become your loyal customers in future.

This is a perfect picture of how viral advertising works. The Share Me Magento extension allows a customer to share a product page or the store Page and get a discount at once. You don’t need to check the customer’s profile manually, the extension will do it automatically.


  • Discount for sharing a product page
  • Discount for sharing the Facebook store Page
  • Customizable discount percent
  • One-time/multiple discount
  • Ability to disable any type of sharing
  • Ability to choose if to share the store page or the Facebook's store page
  • Customer authentication through his/her Facebook profile
  • Immediate discounting after sharing
  • Ability to share in Cart
  • Ability to insert the Share Me! block into a custom place on product page
  • Customer email notification of a discount
  • Customizable customer notification background
  • Ability to display the share counter for each Facebook activity
  • Two types of Share buttons
  • Customizable buttons and text colors
  • Uppercase/usual letters for the block title
  • Admin notifications of customers activities
  • Open Graph compatibility (
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Easy 2-minutes installation
  • Meets Magento programming practices for most versions and customizations compatibility

Discounts are given for sharing a product and sharing the store Page on Facebook. If a customer clicks the “Share Us” button, s/he will receive a discount on the whole range of products in the store.

 Discounts for Sharing a Product and the Store Page

There is also the possibility to insert the sharing buttons in the Cart.

 Share Buttons in the Cart

You can choose one-time or multiple discount for each activity separately. The one-time discount is available to a customer only one time after sharing. The multiple discount will always be available to him/her in future when buying the shared product again.

If a customer leaves the store and doesn’t purchase the shared item, you can send him/her an email notifying that the discount is waiting in the store. Notifications are sent automatically, but you can manage them manually at any time.  

Customer Email Notification

If you don’t have a Facebook app, this instruction will help you to create it. The app doesn’t need Facebook approval. 

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Ole Braad-Sorensen
June 27, 2015
One of the best
All the extensions from Magpleasure is great, but this one is one of the best. Easy to install, but there was a problem caused by "Facebook Comments", but this was fixed of support. Can be recommended.
zhengquan zhang
June 3, 2015
pefect products
I love this products , good for my site .
March 19, 2015
Very Very good
The extension is very good and the support is incredibly good. Very happy with the service.
January 31, 2013
Useful extension to improve sales!
Useful extension to increase sales, quick response and experienced service, highly recommend!
September 10, 2012
Bought the pluggin as developer for my dads business, and after 6 months of using this... I have just one word it is the best social traffic generating plug in for magento available Must buy!!!
August 3, 2012
For our website we bought the ShareMe! extension. There is only one word: Excellent..! Excellent product, EXCELLENT marketingtool, EXCELLENT SERVICE!!