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How to Use our Affiliate Program

Wait for the email confirming Affiliate program registration and then login to our website. In the My Account area you will find a new link Affiliate Program . Availability of this link indicates that you are ready to start earning commission by offering our products to your customers.

Affiliate Panel

The first thing to do is to create links using which you will refer customers to the website.

Affiliate Tracking Link

Paste the link in the Website Link (this can be a link to any Magpleasure Product or Section on our domain and optionally fill in the Traffic Source to separate traffic sources for your reference. If you use only one source of traffic, you can leave it blank. Click on Generate button and copy the script generated in the Traffic Link field to use on your website. All users who come through this link to register and make a purchase will be considered to be your customers and you will receive a percentage of the amount they spend.

 Monitor activity and balance under your Affiliate Program page.

Affiliate Activity

Once the Available Balance becomes over US$50 you can make a request for withdrawal. Simply click Request Withdrawal and complete the form. We will do our best to process your request as soon as possible. We guarantee to process your request not later than the 16th of the following month.

Affiliate Withdrawals

If you need a more extensive statistics about your sales, you can use the reports function. Just click on the Create New button in the Reports section and you'll be presented with a report page.

Affiliate Reports

Choose Report Type and Date Period then press Create Report and you will be presented with the desired report.

Affiliate Sales Report

Check which of the sources generate more revenue and develop them further. Analyze, and make better decisions!

Affiliate Sources Report

Thank you for participating in our Affiliate program. Our team wishes you best of luck. If you have not yet registered to participate in the program, you can do it here.