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JS/CSS Compressor


JS/CSS Compressor extension is designed to optimize the size and significantly speed up the loading of CSS and JavaScript files for your store.

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This product greatly improves the loading speed for your Magento storefront. Immediately after installation and activation, it starts to compress merged JavaScript and CSS files. Compression occurs using improved algorithm, which significantly reduces the size of scripts and CSS files.

Compressed files are stored in the default folder and are static. As a result, when using Nginx as a proxy web server you will get noticeable increase in page loading speed.

JS/CSS Compressor will give a significant performance increase and a decrease in bandwidth usage, especially for high traffic online stores. 


  • Automatically integrates into the system
  • Fast JavaScript script files compression with NEW improved algorithm
  • Fast CSS stylesheets compression with NEW improved algorithm
  • Use of default folder for compressed files gives best results when using Nginx web server
  • Separate compilation of files for HTTP and HTTPS connections
  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy 2-minutes installation
  • Free support
  • Meets Magento programming practices for most versions and customizations compatibility

You can also get JS/CSS Compressor free of charge when ordering Optimization Service in our online store.

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Really great!

Review by Ilya May 15, 2013

Greatly accelerated. It was a permanent problem, but now it is solved! Thank you, MagPleasure! magento

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