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SEO Pagination extension allows your Magento store to improve SEO Optimization for Google and other search engines through several enhancements to catalog pages.

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Readme:  SEO Pagination v.1.0.3
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This extension allows in a matter of minutes to implement Google recommendations to target pagination issues in SEO with rel=”next” and rel=”prev” markup tags. Category pages of your store will be optimized for most search engines robots.

Google Pagination Tags


After installing the SEO Pagination module in your store, search engines will have a strong hint to treat pagination within category pages as a logical sequence. This will help improve how search engines crawl and index your pages and avoid duplicate content issues.The easier it is for search engines to understand your store structure, the higher your keyword ranking in search results.

SEO Friendly Pages


  • Inclusion of rel="next" and rel="prev" Google Tags to identify previous and next pages in pagination sections of the store
  • SEO Friendly URLs for category pages (category/2.html instead of category.html?p=2)
  • Ability to display category description only on first page to avoid duplicate content issue
  • Ability to Auto-add rel="nofollow" to links for category sorting and switching the display mode list/grid.
  • Permanent 301 Redirect from the old-style category pagination URLs to avoid 404 Page Not Found Errors
  • Increase toolbar generation speed with cache
  • Seamless integration into Magento system
  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy 2-minutes installation
  • Free support
  • Meets Magento programming practices for most versions and customizations compatibility

Please Note:
This extensions is NOT compatible with Amasty Shop By extension.



    + Feature
    * Bugfix

    * Generated URLs lead to page 404 if "Add Store Code to Urls" option is enabled
    * Minor fixes

    + Increase toolbar generation speed with cache
    * Extension doesn't bring you to the first page when you change sort order

    + Compatiility with Magentik Filters Rewrites
    * Fatal error on empty home page for Magento
    * Fatal error on compilation
    * No Meta Tags for Layered Category Page

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Useful extension for increase SEO!

Review by Susan Jan 31, 2013

Useful extension for increase SEO, easy installation, high recommendation!

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