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This module extends the default capabilities of Tier Price functionality of Magento. After installing the extension, you will be able not only set Tier Prices as a fixed price but also as a percentage discount (%) of the product price in your online store.


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When using default Magento Tier Pricing functionality we are able to give quantity based discounts only by entering fixed prices for them. If the buyers add to cart a specified number of items, they are able to buy those items at a discounted price that we set in Admin area of Magento store. The biggest disadvantage is that when you change the base price of the item you also have to change the fixed Tier Prices. This is awfully time-consuming if you have thousands of products in your catalogue. Our module gives the flexibility of specifying Magetno Tier Prices by percentage of item base price. As well as the ability to mass update tier prices.


  • Quick installation
  • The ability to set tier prices in 2 ways:
    • Fixed Amount
    • Percentage discount of base price
  • Ability to set tier prices depending on the buyer group
  • Ability to set tier prices depending on the WebSite or Store View
  • Ability to mass update Tier Prices
  • Ability to apply tier prices to item regardless of selected option
  • Full integration into the front-end
  • Automatic integration into the Magento store without any further actions.
  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy two-minutes installation
  • Meets Magento programming practices for most versions and customizations

After installing the module, under Manage Product Prices Tab the standard Tier Price interface will be replaced as shown below:


The Website column appears if the store has more than one website configured and allows you to set a price for each of the Websites if necessary.

Column Customer Group allows you to specify a Tier for a particular customer group or simultaneously for all groups.

Qty column specifies the number of items required for the Tier price to be applied.

Column Price/Discount works together with the column Type. In the Type column you can specify either Fixed or Percent tier price, if the type is set to Fixed then the column Price/Discount expects a fixed price to be entered. If Type is set to Percent then the Price/Discount expects a percent amount to be entered (percentage discount of the base Price).

In the Manage Products Grid when doing a mass Update Attributes Action, a new Tier Prices tab is also added. Here you can set tier pricing to selected items and mass update them.


+ Feature
* Bugfix

+ Ability to apply tier prices to item regardless of selected option
* Can't save Float values for Fixed prices and Discounts

+ Mass update performance optimization
* Tier prices don't update after mass changing of product price
* Tier price block must me disabled when switched to other store views
* Tier Price applied with old price when mass update both price and tier prices
* Price calculations for frontend isn't correct

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  • Customer Reviews


Review by Tiago Oct 19, 2012

I really recommend this extension to everybody. This extension has features that you will not find elsewhere like the fixed price discount and percentage price discount, the support is friendly and helpful.

Great Module

Review by Brandon Oct 19, 2012

This module is a great way to add a much needed feature set to Magento. For those of us who have hundreds of items but rely on tier pricing, this is a must have.

A real time saver

Review by Tim Cook Jun 3, 2012

I dont know why magento core team did not think of this themselves, This is a real time saver. It used to take us days to update tier prices when there is a price change but now we only need to change the main price and the tier prices get adjusted themselves. Simply great! Highly recommend!

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